Riccardo Melchionna

Architect | 3D Artist


Texturing exercise on a 3d model realised by Angelo Ferretti, during the participation at his course Master Advanced Archviz. 

Riccardo Melchionna

I am Riccardo Melchionna, a young architect from Como, Italy.
I don't remember exactly how I ended up choosing architecture as a field of studies at university and as my future career, but now that I am finally graduated I can say It was the right choice, not because of the job opportunities I have in front of me but because of the passions I discovered to have along the way.

Computer graphics has always been one of my biggest passion, together with art and photography. I believe all these different forms of art are deeply connected one another and play an important role in architecture.
The composition, the use of light and colours, the balance between objects and forms are just some of the common aspects between art and photography and probably the most important guidelines to stick on for an architectural project.  A good design for a building in fact cannot rely just on its functionality, but It has to deal with composition and balance, from which derives beauty.

Here my Portfolio of Digital Images and some personal photographies I care about.