nolli architecture

davide andrea nolli architetto

Ynkpi Inter-disciplinary Yenikapi Symposium

Category: exhibition

Type: commission

Location: Istanbul

Status: realized 2010

Team composition:

Politecnico di Milano MSLab (partner in charge)

arch. Davide Andrea Nolli (consultant)

Personal tasks: project leader, organization, research, seattlement, graphic design, video, augmented reality, Interview

The future of the past of Yenikapi: transfer point and archaeological park.
Yenikapi area is extremely interesting for us considering the fact that the area is a junction pole of a complex infrastructure (and demands a new built form type). In a very few time its informal context will be transformed in a formal structure and the authorities will have to analyse, interpret, project and manage its connection to the city fabric, the village of Yenikapi which is protected by UNESCO and the coastal park. We are convinced that generating expectations could activate social, cultural and economic process, able to amplify the effects planned with the project, through results which are both material and immaterial and mostof the time unexpected. We will analyse the possible relationship among: Archaeology, History and Chronicle of every day. The sustainability of the cultural heritage as a symbolic propeller for the role of preservation issue in urban transformation could be an interesting topic of your lecture. We have to confront our archaeological heritage sustainability issue today, because we have to face with such infrastructures which do not have the same relationship with the city time. So we have to deal with archaeology and history not only considered as symbolic mediators (dia-chronic elements of the city), but also as symbolic intermediaries (sin-chronic) to reflect the tension between tradition and modernization, for a reactivation of the DNA of a city. We will introduce also the question: city transformation and new technologies issue. We began from the idea that also the contemporary urban space could play a role of information, by using new technologies. During the Symposium the city becomes the platform (also physical, not just virtual) belonging to the whole users world, by the smart devices (phones, tablets) as interface. We have been trying to realize an event, which uses, also in an experimental way, Augmented Reality technics, by the using of smart-phones. From our point of view this is an interesting application of a new idea of mapping for the citizens.