nolli architecture

davide andrea nolli architetto

Smart harbor. The Harbor that never sleeps

Category: public space

Type: competition

Location: Pesaro (PU) Italy

Status: idea 2013

Team Composition:

arch. Davide Andrea Nolli


Personal tasks: concept, 2D drawings, 3D modelling, rendering, graphic design, schemes, postproduction

The paradigm of this project is its use.
It is a strategic area for Pesaro, a “mixed-use” that can bring the town to have a key role within a gaming town located on the Adriatic coast.
The primary intent is to provide an area of Pesaro that “never sleeps”,  not confining its use to only the summer months and to daylight hours but also think of, and planning for the enjoyment throughout the year. During the course of the summer will be expected a greater amount of tourists and therefore the emphasis will be shifted intrattenitive on those activities that are part of the holiday, the predominant functions will therefore be linked to entertainment and leisure, nightclubs, restaurants, hotel, temporary residences, sports, swimming pools will have their peak of users. During the winter months the same spaces will be converted and able to host numerous conferences and workshops binding in this way at several universities in the immediate vicinity (Urbino for example), thus maintaining the area is always alive and active. The presence of buildings, which act like a large square constructed in multiple layers and arranged to recreate the small urban scale within a large structure, is enhanced by continuous changes in the soil derived from the movement of barges equipped as integral partof the project. The barges become so spotano architectural elements that are constantly giving new soil and new activities devoted to buildings. Some of them contain public duties such as vegetables gardens for example, to citizens of Pesaro, or sports such as basketball court, tennis and football. Other barges are designed to implement the functions contained in the buildings, if required in fact some of them dock expanding the usable land and bring new features from one end of the whole area, there are swimming pools, playground, energy supply, stage for outdoor performances, bar, restaurant.
The entire project is located in a sustainable way, understood as economic (to strengthen the economy of the city), cultural (Pesaro as a catalyst), and energy (reducing waste by careful use of resources.).