It is not the right angle that attracts me,
Nor the hard, inflexible straight line, man-made.
What attracts me are free and sensual curves.
The curves in my country’s mountains,
In the sinuous flow of its rivers,
In the beloved woman’s body.

Project: 1 Park Place

Location: Largo de Benedetti 1, Milan, Italy.

Architect: Matteo Penitenti Casato

Description: Situated in the heart of Milan's Porta Nuova district, right in front of the BAM public park, 1 Park Place is a vision for a 125 meters residential tower that aims to find a balance between the two signature elements defining Milanese high-rises: a provocative tactile quality versus the cleanness of a sharp design. The result is a curvaceous, free-flowing and sensual tower that evokes a sense of tactile purity with its swooping white concrete façade and diamond faceted floor-to-ceiling windows that reflect the sky and the city.


Street view of the 125 meters high-rise