Apple Store La Gran Guardia - Verona

In a world where countries no longer need to project their sovereignty, private companies, on the other hand, do have the necessity to make their brand strong and very recognisable. Architecture, and retail design more speci cally, is the interface between the product/company and the customer. In this scenario, Apple represents a unique example of how a coherent approach in architectural design, product design and graphic design can create a continuity between the three, making the space perceived as an extension of the principles laying behind the products that made Apple what it is today. This research aims to explain how the process works, analysing the di erent aspects related to the evolution and the approach used by the Californian company. The study includes the possible reasons why Apple would choose to work with some rather than others and how the brand created such a consistent image throughout their products, marketing materials, merchandising and, of course, architecture. In the end, in order to test the truthfulness of the study, an example of how Apple would deal with a project in an Italian context – more specically in Verona’s Palazzo della Gran Guardia – was studied and a possible design solution drafted just following the rules of Apple’s game.

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Verona's Gran Guardia - The loggia has been rethought in order to fit a new Apple Store, with desks, a completely new glazing system and the opening of the lunettes on the back to allow more light in