Eleonora Zani Valdimiro

Interior Designer , Set Designer & Render Artist
Eleonora Zani Valdimiro

I believe that my artistic vision is the result of a sum of life experiences that for years have influenced my style, the creative ideas behind my work and more generally my taste and vision.

In my mind there are no limiting barriers between a specific form of art and another. Design, like photography and architecture, are different ways of telling the same story: the story of one's life, visions and experiences. What inspired me to become a designer was the malleability and the almost dreamlike nature of this subject; the possibility of transforming a vision or an idea into reality through the use of a series of softwares. To date, the subjects that stimulate my creativity the most, are with no doubts architecture and interior design.  From a technical point of view, my works are completely and meticulously executed using Cinema 4d and finished with the help of Adobe Photoshop. Other softwares that I do not use on daily basis but with which I have ample competence are: Marvelous Design, Autocad, Adobe Lightroom and Illustrator. My work, and more specifically the creation of my images and renderings, are nothing but the reflection of a life spent between Florence, the cradle of art, Milan, the capital of fashion and now New York City. The light, the positioning of objects, the choice of materials in my renderings are all elements that reflect my calm,and at the same time perfectionist and demanding character.

My life experiences, multiple travels to Europe, North America and Canada are all factors that critically influence my projects. It's thanks to these that think I can call myself a person with an extremely versatile vision that’s oriented towards the future.

My latest professional experience was working as a 3D Visualizer and Interior Designer at Terzo PianoStudio, where I always looked for new challenges, new competitive experiences capable of repaying my efforts and my rigorous course of study. I am currently looking for new challenges and opportunities in the field of interior designs and 3D visualization.